The Thinker

Lindsey (the smiley, curly-haired one on the left) is the overanalyzing perfectionist who will always say yes to a glass of wine and good conversation. Want to talk about life’s big questions? Saddle up, she’s got you covered. Want to talk about your middle child syndrome? She’s all ears. Want to discuss why pizza is the best invention ever? She’s got a theory for you.

She’s put all that analyzing to good use and has a PhD in clinical and school psychology. By day she works for a psychological assessment publishing company, and the rest of her time you’ll either find her working on her overhead squats and double unders (the bane of her existence) or exploring another Florida beach.


The Doer

Kelly (the one with sunglasses permanently affixed to her head) is the “less talking, more doing” type of person. She can’t sit still, laughs at everything, and eats bananas like a champ. When she’s not daydreaming about island vacations, she’s mercilessly making a client do 50 more squats (with a smile, mind you).

Kelly is a certified personal trainer who’s been changing people’s bodies for the past decade. She created Skyze the Limit Fitness specializing in individual personal training, online fitness consultation, nutrition guidance, and life coaching. When she’s not doing her own thing you can find her coaching Crossfit, teaching Orange Theory Classes, motivating folks through Getaway Fitness Vacations, or working to get a new PR on her squat snatch. But whatever you do, don’t deny her ice cream — she’ll overhead squat you in 3…2…1…



Thinking Outside the Box is the blending of Lindsey and Kelly’s two passions: psychology and fitness. You have to get your mind on board before you do the heavy lifting. But you also need to get the adrenaline pumping before you can change your thought patterns. You can’t have one without the other.

Although Lindsey and Kelly might disagree on the best dessert (apple pie versus ice cream), they both feel strongly about giving people the tools they need to be the best versions of themselves. Life is filled with stressors and unexpected bumps in the road, so you better start learning how to swerve.

Content on this site is a mixture of evidence-based practices in fitness and psychology, new trends developing in the field, and our own life experiences. We will never give you a “quick fix” or tell you what you need to become a healthier version of you. Only you and your doctor can determine what your body and mind need most.


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