Friday Awesomeness

If you have been to Clearwater, FL then you know Frenchy’s Grill. So you know they have tasty drinks and even tastier grouper sandwiches and the tastiest views of the Gulf of Mexico (ya know if views could be tasty).

So who’s having a good week??

Both Kelly and I got some really great news this week which means we have been doing a happy dance around the house. Not that she needs a reason to bust a move. Girl dances to the music in her head.

I hope you’ve been blessed with some good karma awesomeness as well! If not, well hold tight – good things are coming for ya. I promise.

Awesomeness around the web

  • Kelly signed us up for the Tampa Foam Glow 5K. I’m already worrying about foam getting in my eyes then getting lost since we’re running in the dark. Is it dorky to wear goggles? On second thought don’t answer that question.
  • I have the most basic makeup routine, but this chick makes me want to run to the nearest MAC store and buy everything. Please teach me your ways!
  • “Not only do we deserve to pursue our dreams; we should profit from them.” Aw crap you guys, I’m totally a Yuccie. This Buzzfeed quiz also confirmed my suspicions – #45 is spot on.
  • I’m a total believer in horoscopes (Aquarius baby) and this mercury retrograde craziness is so spot on. Yea yea I know some of you think it’s gobbly-gook, but seriously the WEIRDEST things have been happening and I kinda believe it’s the cosmos making things wonky.
  • Coincidentally talking about Mercury in Retrograde is something Yuccies do. Damnit.
  • I was nodding along to everything on this list that people born in the 80’s are currently experiencing. #10 sums up my Facebook newsfeed.
  • Tommy Bahama in cake form. Florida cake heaven.
  • Turns out scrolling through Instagram is not the best way to beat writer’s block.
  • But this Insta account is my new favorite. The baby whale one – DYING! <—- oh look I just did another thing Yuccies do! Gahhhh!!
  • Have you read the official Emoji report? Turns out Canadians use the smiling poop emoji more than other countries. I have no words.
  • Just found my new favorite summer dress. I just bought 2 in Black and All your Cobalt. Old Navy you rock my socks.
  • “What I’m learning these days, the most important lesson of my life so far- is that the greatest freedom, the greatest happiness lies in LETTING GO.” Beautifully written.
  • 30 Things to do Before You Turn 30. I’d add “Sign up for a 5K” and “Go Skinny dipping.” What would you add?

Have a good weekend!

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